Geez!  Blogging is hard with a new baby!  Hopefully I can get back into blogging again soon on a regular basis.  As it is I’m trying to write out entries by hand as I nurse Bam or as he sleeps on me.  I’m going to try typing them is as I get a free moment or two… ha ha ha… that happens SO often!  Normally my free time is spent cleaning or napping with Bam.  I do think that I need to make blogging more of a priority because it’s such a release for me.  I really miss it.Bam is doing great.  12 weeks!  *sob*  He’s growing up so fast and getting so big!  He’s outgrowing clothes like crazy.  Newborn stuff has been out for a long time (my other 2 were in Newborn stuff until they were about 6 months old!  Heck, my 6 year old is still in toddler shorts!)  Some of his clothes he never even got to wear before outgrowing them!  Crazy!  He’s such a good baby.  He was sleeping great for awhile.  6-8 hrs.  Then we were crazy and not sleeping again.  He seems to be back on track to sleeping better now.  Hopefully?He’s still suffering from the reflux and after much thought and discussion, we decided to give him the Zantac.  It was upsetting to him, and to me.  It seemed to hurt him… I can imagine it really hurting his throat.  They are working.  Unfortunately not for the 12 hours that they’re supposed to.  Six hours are better than the constant projectile spit up of before.Bam’s first Christmas was great.  He and his brother and sister got lots of great loot.  Gypsy Girly and Speed Racer were thrilled with their stuff.  They got lots of stuff they’d been wanting.Oh and hubby got me an awesome gift!  He kept calling me Christmas Eve and asking if I wanted to open, then asking to just open it.  Finally around 5am I gave in and opened it.  It’s an awesome P&S digicam.  I’d been wanting one because I can’t and don’t carry the DSLR everywhere, and cell phone pics are cool, kind of.  I love my new cam!  It’s awesome!I keep trying to get a pic of Bam smiling, but every single time I point a camera at him, he stops and gets such a serious look on his face.  Of course Gypsy Girly loves the cam and Speed Racer is a ham who always gets this big weird smile on his face.New Year’s was great.  I spent it with my wonderful family.  ♥  2010 was a great year… becoming a mommy again, spending time with my loving family.  I cannot wait to see what 2011 brings!

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