Life, or something like it!

Life has once again gotten busy.  I am currently working on two different posts… well, more than that, but two that will be posted this week without a doubt, including some fun giveaways!

My Memere is visiting from up north.  We haven’t seen her in years, so the kids and I were so excited to see her.  She’s obviously never met Bam, and was amazed at how big the older two have gotten.  She’s also thrilled to be here, away from the cold snow.   She’ll be here for a few months, so we’re all excited about that.

My daughter had a drama performance over the weekend, and she did well, as did the rest of the cast.  They performed as part of a “Celebration of Arts” thing, supporting local artists and crafts people.  I was so thrilled, and particularly proud, especially because during her last play, I was in the hospital with that whole possible appendicitis, no it’s not- drama.  The kids did great though, and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this performance!  The play was called “Welcome Home” and was an eerie tale of a family buying a home and at the end, the discover that the lady who originally showed them the home was the former owner who died.

I think that the baby and I are finally on the mend form these horrible colds that we’ve had.  Hopefully we’ll stay healthy for longer than a week this time around!

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