LG Black Friday and a $100 Walmart Gift Card

My husband and I have an older TV in our room. It’s old, like gigantic tube old. It’s older than all three of our kids. We’re definitely in the market for a new TV for our bedroom, and have actually been discussing getting a new one for the living room, which is nearly as old as our nine year old.

With Black Friday quickly approaching, our TV talks and browsing has become more frequent. On his nights off, we do enjoy curling up on the couch and watching some TV together. Also, with him working nights, I keep the TV on as background noise, because I’d probably lose my mind hearing each and every night noise out there!

LG Black Friday

LG definitely tops our list. Our toughest decision has come with deciding between LG Smart TV or LG Cinema 3D. LG Cinema 3D is intriguing, I mean, 3D TV and movies in the comfort of my living room! LG Smart TV offers all the internet has to offer right on my television! I could blog on my laptop, while watching my favorite YouTubers, or stream movies or TV, or surf the internet on television! It’s a tough decision to make. Maybe we’ll get one of each, since we’re in the market for two televisions!

You can find some incredible deals on electronics and more on Black Friday at Walmart. Additionally, you can win a $100 Walmart Gift Card thanks to MomDot.com. Happy Holidays!

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