Keeping toys fresh and exciting all winter long

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While we don’t have long snow-filled winters here in Florida, it can get cold. I know that our cold is nothing compared to Maine cold, but it is cold for us thin-blooded Floridians. It gets cold enough that my kids aren’t overly crazy about playing outside every single day. Also, they are in school all day, they come home, do homework and eat dinner. Sadly due to it getting so dark so early, after dinner, it’s full dark, and I’m not comfortable letting them play outside, for obvious reasons.
They get bored easily, and I like to try to keep the toy situation fresh and exciting. I like to pack bins of toys away and hide them in the closets where the kids won’t come across them. When they seem to be getting bored with their current stash of toys, I haul out the bins, and while they are checking out the “new” and forgotten toys, on the sly, I pack up the stuff they’ve gotten bored with, so I can hide it away to bring back out at a later date. They adore the fact that they suddenly get lots of fun stuff to play with, and I adore that I don’t have to listen to them claiming that they “have nothing to play with!”, because seriously, I think that fewer things drive me more crazy as a mom than that!

I love the idea of Pley, because my kids still get a toy rotation, but I’m not losing out on storage space, or risking them coming across bins labeled “toys”. Everything gets delivered right to my door, and when they’re done, we pack it up and ship it back while we wait for another great toy to arrive.

I love that for one low price, my kids get the hottest toys, and I don’t have to battle crowds, search stores and blow my budget. Another highlight, is when I pack the toys away, I clean them, but when I pull them out, I feel obligated to re-clean them. With Pley, they clean and sanitize all the toys between kids, so you don’t need to worry about it!

Additionally, the great folks at Pley will soon be adding even more great toys to their lineup! I, for one, and very excited about that. My kids love the Lego and other building sets, but I know that they’ll love what new things Pley has in store.




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2 thoughts on “Keeping toys fresh and exciting all winter long

  1. Pley sounds like a really neat and useful thing for kids. It would also be a good way to try out a toy first to see if your child would really be interested in having a toy or if it’s just a phase.

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