Just Keep Breathing

I did not like Trump, and there was also much that I didn’t like about Hillary. I did, however, respect the opinions of my friends and family. As election day approached, I became anxious, knowing that no matter what the outcome, there would be much anger in this country. I wish I could say that I’m surprised by what’s going on now, but I’m not. I’ve tried to remain quiet, but my anxiety has only grown. I think about the past actions and words of Trump, and as a woman, I’m scared. As a victim of sexual assault and rape, I’m triggered. As a person with a disability, I’m disgusted. I’m sad for my minority friends. I’m heartbroken for my LGBT friends. I worry about women’s reproductive rights, and about a million other things right now.  I can’t lie, I am horrified that a man who gets more riled up than a toddler who has dropped a popsicle, over Tweets, and SNL skits will have access to nuclear weapons.  As a mother I’m terrified of raising my children in a world where days after our next leader is chosen, people are being bullied and harmed due to their race, religion or sexual orientation. That’s not okay on any level. Our future president should ban together with our current president to try to soothe the fear and anger that is currently gripping this nation.
These are my feelings. Please do not try to brush them off or belittle them. Do not tell me that I have nothing to worry about, my anxiety is real and I’m not a psychic. If Trump is humbled by his newest endeavor and actually does good things for our country, then wonderful. I will fully admit that I was wrong, but right now I’m scared and filled with anxiety.
I’m trying to simply focus on love. To teach my children to stand up against hate, and to let them know that I will fight to keep them safe until I breathe my final breath.

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