January is Stalking Awareness Month


Through a friend, I discovered the Morgan Ingram Stalking Blog.
I’ve been debating as to how to share this information. I want to raise awareness.
At the same time, I am torn because my two older, but still young kids read my blog. While my kids know that there are bad people in this world who do bad things to good people, giving them a direct link to a blog that has such vivid details on it seems… like it might not be the best parenting decision for me. I believe that I’ve already mentioned Speed’s sleeping difficulty due to random fears. I cannot feel good about supplying him, or my preteen daughter with something so real and so scary. In protecting my own children, I don’t think I will be sharing a direct link to the blog, but dear readers, you can Google “Morgan Ingram Stalking Blog” and read the story. Yes, I am aware that my children could get curious and try to find it on their own, but I do and will check their Google and browser history on their computers.

As I said, I found out about it from a friend, and started reading it on my phone in bed one night. Not the wisest of decisions when you are home alone at night. Oddly enough, at 3am my reading got interrupted by someone’s house alarm going off. In my years of living in this house, I have never heard anyone’s alarm go off, except our own, and that was due to a faulty sensor that we had replaced and twice when we foolishly forgot to turn it off when running late in the morning. Those three incidents are the only times I have ever heard any house alarm going off. I sometimes hear car alarms, and even hear a train going by, miles away between 2 and 4 in the morning.
Needless to say, I was scared,especially given recent events that I had blogged about. Additionally, the night after I posted that, someone pounded on our door, loud and hard. It was late, and I do not answer my door after dark unless I am expecting someone. It was enough to scare my daughter enough for her to beg me to get the gun and keep it nearby. She was too scared to sleep for quite a long while that night.

Those three events, as well as a certain unstable person from my past kept running through my mind after reading part of about Morgan’s stalker. I couldn’t even drift off to sleep until after 5am, and when I did drift off, I would startle awake with each noise.
It’s a good thing my kids were away, other wise I would have woken them to come sleep in my room. I made the decision to continue reading about Morgan’s experience, only from downstairs during daylight hours.
I lay in bed. As a woman, my heart went out to Morgan and the terror that she felt during the final months of her life. As a mother, my heart goes out to Toni Ingram for having to watch her daughter’s life be disrupted by such an animal, and for having to experience every mother’s worst nightmare.

More needs to be done. We need more awareness about stalkers, and more needs to be done for the rights of their victims. No one should ever have to live in fear. No one should ever suffer day to day because of someone else. No one should ever have their beautiful life cut short because of the instability of another human being an animal.

Please take the time to read Morgan’s Stalking Blog and check out the Stalking Awareness Month Website. Educate yourself, learn to protect yourself.

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