It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to

Just a warning, this post will likely be a literary tantrum of sorts, but I’m just feeling tired and frustrated, and this is my blog. You can skip it if you want, I just need to vent some feelings.

It’s November. It’s always a somewhat low month for me, mood-wise. The days get shorter. It gets dark so much earlier. After dinner walks are a thing of the past, pretty much.

It’s November. I lost my Mom on November 22, 1987. Yes, November is traditionally hard for me, for that reason, and I know that she wouldn’t want that, but I can’t help it. And for some reason lately, her loss is something that I’ve struggled with a lot more that normal. Because I lost her so young, I never really had the thought of, “Oh gee, let me call my Mom about…” but lately, I have been. And I really miss her. I’ve never been the type of person who wonders, “What if…” but lately, I can’t keep those thoughts from my head.

I’m still adjusting to my gluten-free diet, and worried about Thanksgiving. Normally, it’s one of my favorite holidays due to all the delicious food. Knowing that there has to be adjustments worries me. I’m worried about changing up recipes on my family, and I’m worried about some of my favorites having a flavor change.
Health-wise, I’m frustrated by my shoulder and neck. That’s another post that I already have written, but haven’t posted yet. Blah.

Poor Ziggy is still getting hives, and frequently getting sick. Last week he missed 3/5 days of school. I mean, luckily he’s a very smart boy, but he’s still missing school. I do schoolwork with him here at home, and he does love it, and loves learning, it’s just hard to see him sick so often.

We’ve been having car problems. We thought we had everything fixed. The problem returned again, and now I’m not sure what the next step is, and I’m stressed and frustrated by that. I’ve done some research on what it might be, and frankly, it makes me want to cry.

There’s more, but even I’m tired of my whining at this time.

I know that my problems are mild in comparison to other things, but right now, this is my world, and sometimes it feels like my world is slipping. We try to get ahead of everything and then fall backwards. Every day is seems like something new. I’m trying hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s hard when it gets dark so early.

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