It’s Gettin’ Hot in Here…

Let the #IHateFlorida hashtags and rants begin! Saturday night, Ziggy and I walked up to the clubhouse and swam in the pool. We sat and watched a gorgeous sunset and then walked home. We had a snack, and got cleaned up. He fell asleep and I tried working on the blog. I kept having the random thought that the air conditioner didn’t feel as cool as normal, but brushed it off.

When we went up to bed, I lowered the thermostat and crawled into bed. I tossed and turned for an hour or so and go up again. It was unbearably hot. I realized that something was really wrong. My spot on the bed and my seat downstairs are both directly under vents, and I was sweating my buns off. I checked the thermostat again and it was 82 degrees inside the house. I also realized at this point that our outside unit was unusually quiet. Despite the fact that this was a new house when we moved in, this house has always had a really noisy a/c unit!
I turned everything off and opened the windows. There was no breeze at all, so I laid in bed and suffered, listening to occasional cars and owls. I texted Hubby Man to just let him know, that way he didn’t walk in and wonder why our house was an oven.
I was glad that the older kids were lucky enough to be away for the weekend.
I only managed two hours of horrible sleep before having to get up with Ziggy.

Hubby and I went out and got a window unit and installed it downstairs. It did make the kitchen and living room somewhat bearable. The kids didn’t mind so much when they did get home. It meant dinner out, even with the window a/c, I was not about to turn on the oven! They also got to sleep in our room. We put a big fan in our window to pull in the night air. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t put the window unit upstairs because then it would have been “street visible” and the HOA would have had a big problem with that.) Technically, we should have all camped downstairs with the window unit.
Once again, I tossed and turned all night and was unbearably hot. I made a decision that I didn’t care… if the central a/c couldn’t be fixed Monday, then I was going to sleep in a hotel. Between Ziggy’s once a week throw-up fests, and then the a/c being out, I was in desperate need of a good night’s sleep. I was also in desperate need of not roasting my butt off. It was hot inside, it was hot outside. I took showers and twenty minutes later was miserable with a deodorant failure.  I walked around the house in shorts and a bathing suit top, because it was just insanely hot.

First thing Monday morning we started calling and emailing people. Minutes after an email, a repair guy called us and said he could be here in 20 minutes. Perfect! It was a small part that had burned out, so the fan couldn’t turn. He replaced it and we have glorious a/c once again. Additionally, now that he replaced that part, the central a/c is running more quiet than it has since we’ve been living here!

Hopefully the rest of our summer will remain cool and peaceful!

This is the sunset that Ziggy and I enjoyed before the weekend went to crap.  I will admit, it’s a beautiful view!

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