It’s #ChickenFryTime with Tacos and Salads

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Whether you want a chicken snack or a chicken dinner, Tyson is the perfect choice, I know it is for my family.

Suddenly having all three kids home for the summer has been fun, but crazy. I think my food budget has tripled because all three are hungry all day long. Seriously, I keep hearing, “I’m hungry!”, “I’m starving!” and “What else can I have to eat?” My kids need good food for energy to keep them going during the long summer days, and my toddler is going through a crazy growth spurt. Add in the fact that a couple of my kids are picky, and feeding them isn’t always an easy task. Obviously a sandwich and chips isn’t cutting it for lunch with these kids, so it’s time to step up my lunch game!

One thing that they all love, and fills their tummies is Tyson Chicken. While at Sam’s Club I saw a grabbed a big bag of Tyson Chicken Fries. Tyson Chicken fries are quick and easy. They’re convenient and versatile. I can make them a great lunch that I know they’ll love, so they can eat and get back out to playing with their friends. When they’ve had long, active days, and they swear that they just cannot wait until dinner, I can easily heat some up for some quick snack chicken, paired with some dipping sauces for chicken, my kid’s tummies are held at bay until dinnertime.

I love creating recipes for chicken, so Tyson helps me come up with quick chicken dinners for my family.

Sam's Club

After a long day of shopping ad running errands, I didn’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen. I decided it was #ChickenFryTime. While my kids put away most of the groceries, I tossed the Tyson Chicken Fries in the oven. I chopped some fresh vegetables and made a salad. I reserved some lettuce and some tomatoes in a bowl to the side. My kids love tacos and were thrilled that we were having Tyson Chicken Fries Tacos. I sprinkled some of the chicken fries with taco seasonings and everyone got to assemble their very own hard of soft shelled tacos, however they liked. I also tossed some chicken fries on top of our salads, for an added boost. My older kids declared me a genius and all three had more than one serving. Best of all, I didn’t hear them saying they were hungry all night… well, they did ask for more Tyson Chicken Fries!
soft chicken taco

You can check out my whole shopping experience on my Google+ Story.

Be sure to check out the Tyson Facebook page. Soon they are having a contest where you can enter to win free Six Flags tickets for your family.

Also be sure to check out Tyson on twitter.

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2 thoughts on “It’s #ChickenFryTime with Tacos and Salads

  1. Oh my goodness.. don’t you just love it when your kids think you’re a genius!! Haha! Looks delicious… crispy & fresh!!

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