Itchies Be Gone!

Well, since the steroids didn’t kick Ziggy off the hives cycle, we obviously had to get him into the doctor, again. Seriously, I think I should get a punch card, and with every ten visits, I should get one free, or something! Pretty sure I’m a high contributer to college funds for the doctor’s children!

We had to bring him back in, of course. The poor boy was miserable. Some nights he spent much of the night screaming and crying, while vigorously rubbing himself on the bed, complaining that he was, “So itchy, Mommy! Make it stop!” It was heartbreaking. He is missing a lot of school, not only because of the hives, but also because his immune system is already compromised, due to the hives, that he is picking up every single little illness that runs through the preschool… which is a lot, as you can imagine!

He was put on a prescription antihistamine, in addition to another, stronger over the counter antihistamine, both to be taken two times a day. He has no problems with the over the counter medicine, and takes it like a champ. In reality, he has been really good about taking medicine his whole life, almost literally, since he was put on reflux medicine at 4 months old. We were warned by the doctor that it tasted bad when Ziggy inquired about it, because he objects to bubble gum flavored over the counter pain relievers. I asked the pharmacist, and sure enough, it’s bad, and there’s nothing they can add to cover the flavor. She said it’s a very strong mint flavor. Right then and there, my heart sank. Ziggy hates mint, probably more than any other flavor, including bubble gum. They suggested I give him a spoon of chocolate syrup with it, or an ice pop beforehand to numb his tongue. I didn’t really like sugary options before the bedtime dosage. I sat him down and told him how important it was for him to take the medicine to get rid of the horrible itchies. He took it, and cringed the whole time. He yelled at me that it was “horrible, and tastes like cough drops!”. I reiterated how it was necessary to take so he could get better.
We were also given a referral for a pediatric allergist, just in case the stronger antihistamines don’t work. We are praying that we can avoid it, because I do not want to subject him to a scratch test to figure out what he might be allergic to, or have him put on long term steroids. Once again, fingers crossed and many prayers that we can finally kick these hives.

My Baby's hives.  And this was on a day when we said, "Oh wow!  They aren't too bad at all today!"

My Baby’s hives. And this was on a day when we said, “Oh wow! They aren’t too bad at all today!”

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