In which I talk about breasts… more specifically breastfeeding

The other night I was in the shower when I came to a frightening possibility… I am 99% sure that my right breast has dried up. Additionally, my supply on my left side is considerably lower. After my shower, I cried. I didn’t want to tell my husband why I was upset and crying. I could honestly picture him telling me that 27 months was a long run and good enough. He surprised me with his love and support. He knows just how important the nursing relationship is between Ziggy and I and he suggested that I get out my pump and sterilize everything and pump like crazy. He even bought me some Mother’s Milk Tea. I know that it will help boost my supply on my left, but I’m wondering if it will help relactate my right side.
I do take fenugreek, so this is somewhat baffling. Also, I knew that he preferred one side over the other, I guess I just never realized the extent.
Hopefully I can relactate on the right, or else I’m going to be considerably lopsided. Being a Mom is so darned glamorous!

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2 thoughts on “In which I talk about breasts… more specifically breastfeeding

  1. Aw, man. I hear you. I had a long, thorough breastfeeding relationship with my second son. But as I saw each sign that we were nearing the end, I got a little sad. But once it was all over, man, was I ever glad to be done.

    As for your right side, there is hope! Keep stimulating it. Some people bring milk supplies back from absolutely nothing, or not having lactated in years. Chances are on your side!

    • Thanks! I will keep trying, and I think this is the perfect excuse for lactation cookies!

      I do get sad that we might be close to being done with breastfeeding, but I think it’s primarily because he’s my last baby. I don’t even want to get him his first haircut yet!

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