I Wanna Be Sedated

– I’ve been suffering from a hellacious case of insomnia. Seriously. It’s downright ridiculous. I’m finding it difficult to fall asleep before 4am. I lie in bed tossing and turning. Some nights I give up and end up whipping out my phone and watching some Youtube videos. Watching PvP or Jack Vale clears the mind, but then I risk waking the kids with laughter. I wish I could blame it on summer vacation, but this has been going on for weeks. Initially, it wasn’t too bad and I was functioning surprisingly well for getting such little sleep. It’s taken it’s toll on me though, and now I’m relying heavily on coffee to get me through the day, and some days I still feel like a zombie mom. And yeah, I know that the coffee could contribute to me not sleeping well at night, but I try not to drink coffee past 1pm, and I wasn’t drinking much coffee when this all started.

– I am pretty sure that the above mentioned lack of sleep is affecting my memory. I have conversations with my children, and will chuckle, thinking, “Yeah, that’s blog-worthy.” And then hours later… poof… gone.

– Lack of sleep mistake prime example… I was going to make myself a cup of iced coffee. I grabbed a big mug and was planning on hitting the small cup button on my Keurig twice. That fills it perfectly. I’m not sure if I hit the big cup button twice, or hit the big cup button once and the small cup button once, or what, but I ended up with a giant mug filled to the absolute brim with hot coffee. I couldn’t lift it without spilling, and since I was making iced coffee anyway, I had the sleep deprived genius idea of grabbing a straw. I stuck the straw into the freshly brewed coffee and took a giant sip. My mouth was flooded with hot coffee, scorching my tongue. Luckily, I was smart enough to not swallow, and to keep it at the front of my mouth, avoiding burns all over my mouth. I ended up spitting the hot coffee all over the countertop that I was trying to avoid spilling on and had a huge mess to clean anyway. I’m wondering when the tip of my tongue and the roof of my mouth will be healed. It’s been 36 hours, and it still hurts so badly.

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