I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Moving Day involved more craziness.  We didn’t think to reserve a truck ahead of time, so we spent the first half of the day driving all over, trying to locate a truck.  That, unfortunately, took up more time than we would have liked.  And, we were unable to get a truck for a full 24 hours, so we decided to move large furniture first, in the truck, and if need be, boxes and smaller stuff in cars, since we were quite literally moving down the street.  It was chaotic.  We didn’t think to remove drawers from dressers before bringing them down stairs.  My knee got trapped between stairs and furniture, and turned nasty shades of blue, purple and green.  My legs were complete covered in bruises that I couldn’t even identify.  I wore a poor choice in footwear, dropped a box full of books on my foot, and my toenail is still black.  I thought I broke my glasses when I lost my grip on the sofa, and caught the sofa with my face.  I think my dear, helpful parents heard me utter more profanity in that one day than they have in my entire life.
Day two I woke up before everyone else, and started loading up the car, so I could drive it over.  I was desperately hoping to avoid as much of the heat as possible.  We were moving in until well after midnight day two, that that didn’t quite work out for me.  Day two was also our first night sleeping in the new house.  My husband got all three kid-beds upstairs for them, but after two full days of lifting heaving stuff and sweating like mad, neither of us wanted to carry our king mattress upstairs.  Ziggy had passed out on the love seat in the living room, so we shoved the face-eating sofa up against it, and I slept there with him, while my older kids slept in their own beds, and my husband slept in Ziggy’s bed.  It was a long night, as I kept waking up due to unfamiliar noises… seriously… every time the air conditioner kicks on, it sounds like there’s something scratching in the vent in the living room… right above where I was sleeping.
Day three my stepmom helped clean the old house, and we got all the last minute stuff out.  It was very much overwhelming to go from a freshly cleaned house to a house filled with boxes, and not knowing where anything was.  I’ve struggled with trying to figure out where to put things.
Thankfully, my husband’s friend who used to be a professional moved happened to be in town, and available, a couple days after the move.  He came over to check out the new place, and helped my husband move the furniture upstairs (aside from our mattress, which we did on cleaning day), so that saved my knees, as well as my sanity.
It’s been interesting.  The dishwasher was broken, a burner on the stove was broken (still doesn’t seem right to me, even after the repair guy replacing it), we had a bit of an infestation, and some cosmetic stuff, but I’m trying to make this house a home.  We’ve been here for almost a month, we’ve seen many gators in our pond.  I’ve gotten rid of many boxes.  I’ve found stuff I was convinced got lost, somehow.  I have some areas that I’m quite proud of, and others that… well, stay out of my closet and laundry room for now!

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2 thoughts on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. Wow, sounds like quite an adventuresome move! I’m sorry for all the injuries you suffered. It does take a long time to unpack and settle in. I hope everything settles down for you soon so you can feel at home.

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