I can see clearly now…

It’s that time again. I had to go to the eye doctor. I’m aware that my eyes have gotten worse, yet still have been terrible about actually wearing my glasses. It was often more clear to see things, or read without them, so I’d take them off, and forget to put them back on, or forget where I’d left them.

For that reason, my husband wanted me to give contacts a try. Now, I have some serious eye issues. When I need eye drops, my husband has had to sit on my chest and pin my arms down because I’m so neurotic about it. I didn’t see actually willingly putting something on my eyeball going over too well. With my worsening vision, though, I figured what harm would a free trial do?

I was having some serious anxiety over putting them in while I was there,but did it, and then took them out, and put them back in. Unfortunately, I put on in inside out,and after much misery, took it out, flipped it, and was good to go. Also unfortunately was the fact that it took forever. It was a huge relief, though to be able to see clearly without glasses.

The next morning, the process still took quite a long while, and many tries. Unfortunately, during the many tries, my eye was a bit traumatized, and I walked around all day with the white of my left eye almost completely red. Eye drops stung and caused sharp pains, and I was so scared because I truly do want this to work out. I did ask the eye doctor about it when I picked up my new glasses, and they just confirmed that I’d likely hurt it while trying to get one contact in for 30 minutes.

I took Wednesday off and wore my glasses.

Thursday, my eye looked and felt better, so I gave it another go. One went right in, no problems, as it always seems to happen. The next eye, I did have a bit of difficulty with. I’m still occasionally having problems figuring out with way is out. I mean, once it’s in, it’s quite painful, so I know it’s wrong, but then I have to take it out and start all over again, which is frustrating.

I go back to the eye doctor on Monday to let them know if I want to continue or not. I’m hoping I can get used to this, because I’m really enjoying being able to see clearly without glasses.

Today, I got them both in, no problems, and in record time, so that feels like a personal victory for me. I am noticing I’m blinking very frequently, but I am able to put drops in myself (somewhat), so that’s a bonus.

I’m happy that it’s going better. Now I’m just trying to find a good cleaning solution and eye drops to work well for me.


glassesMy new glasses, for when I’m not wearing my contacts.

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