I am Blessed

I am incredibly blessed. I have an amazing husband, and I have wonderful parents. Easter Sunday, my husband asked my stepmother if he could speak to her alone, and they went outside. I was wildly curious, and even after much prodding, my husband wouldn’t tell me what was discussed. He just told me that I’d know on Wednesday.

Monday mornings, my husband gets the kids up and ready for school, since his nights off are Sunday and Monday. He normally lets me sleep in a bit, and I love it, since neither the baby nor myself are morning people. Monday morning, he came into the room earlier than normal, and told us it was time to wake up. I grumbled and the baby flat out told him, “No.” He told us that my parents were here for Ziggy, so we had to get up. After getting dressed, we fed the baby a quick breakfast, and my parents took the baby for the day. My husband told me that we were going out to breakfast, and then the day was mine to do whatever I wanted. While we sat at breakfast, I debated what to do with a day alone with my husband. We’d talked about going to a park, I know of one that does canoe rides and such, but it was overcast. I didn’t want to be in the middle of a forest, or the middle of a lake and have it pour down buckets on us. I joked that we could go in for my next tattoo. I have the older kids names tattooed on my arm with stars, but I do not have Ziggy’s yet. Hubby told me that today was all about me and what I wanted to do, so after some thought, I decided to go for it. Ziggy is three and a half years old, and is noticing that his name isn’t on my arm, so it was time. We went to my old tattoo parlor, that I haven’t been to in years. I waited nervously until it was my turn.
The artist added Ziggy’s star and name, and touched up the rest of the tat for me. I am absolutely in love with this piece.

tattooYes, I photoshopped the kids names out of the tattoo, but their names are above the stars where the watermark is.  Yes, it’s dirty, because this was fresh, still in shop.  I absolutely love it, though, and I love my kids more than all the stars in the sky.

Once again, the tattoo bug has bitten, and I’m already toying with a couple ideas for new tattoos.

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