He’s Five!

My Sweet Boy turned 5 years old on Monday. He was a lucky boy, and they didn’t have school. We have a tradition in my family that we allow the birthday child to stay up as late as they want (or as late as a parent can handle) on their birthday (or a weekend night, if their birthday is on a school day). Ziggy chose to stay up super late on Sunday, and requested to watch The Walking Dead with his Daddy and me. He didn’t get scared, but did talk a lot throughout the entire episode… asking who each person was who died, asking why all the people dress up like zombies when it’s not Halloween yet, asking what zombies eat, plus a running commentary on what people should be, or should not be doing in their situations.
At midnight, we presented him with his gift, a brand new Star Wars bike, with R2D2 helmet! He was over the moon, and definitely did not want to go to bed when his Daddy and I were exhausted.
He woke up in the morning, and his sister made him some oatmeal. He got more gifts. My husband and I had to go to a doctor’s appointment, and my parents and stepsister came over for more birthday fun. He got some birthday money, as well as a Zippysack and a Snackeez. Both items that he has been begging for, I swear, I think this kid has my love of As Seen On TV products!
He got a ton of birthday money that he has been spending on games, books and Legos… and I had him pick up some clothes as well, since I am a mom!
For his birthday dinner, he we went out to Culvers, his only request was a shake with a cherry in it… and his shake was without a cherry. He did enjoy his meal though, and I was thrilled to have a gluten-bun for my burger.

I am disbelief that by baby boy is 5 years old. He is so strong-willed, and highly opinionated. He can be stubborn, and so sweet. He’s constantly growing and learning. He excels with math and science. He still loves his bedtime stories, and cuddles with Mommy. I have loved watching his personality develop, and cannot wait to continue to observe his voyage.

More favorites-
He loves Minecraft
Foods- Mommy-made Spaghetti and meatballs, and shrimp
Colors- Green, yellow and blue
Movie- Monsters, Inc.
Wants to Be- A Chef at a Fancy Restaurant that gives you Fancy Crackers

And a little video of my boy riding his bike for the first time!

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