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My kids get bored with their toys quite easily. They pull out some toys, play with them for while, then grab some more. They repeat this cycle until it seems that their toy boxes are empty, and their rooms are a mess. They get so overwhelmed, and then do not want to clean up everything. It’s frustrating for me, as a mom. We do have a a designated playroom, but, for starters, the mess doesn’t always stay contained to that one room. Secondly, they figure that if they avoid that room, they don’t have to see the mess, so why bother! Thirdly, that room is technically our fourth bedroom. We are still room sharing with Ziggy, and are in talks for getting him into his own room, which is currently the play room. We can’t put him in there if there are toys all over the place.

Because they get bored with the same old things, all the time, I’ve frequently boxed up a bunch of their toys and put them away in the back of a closet. Of course, I have to do this when they’re not around, it’s not like they’d let me pack up their stuff if they were watching. I’d wait several months when they seem to be getting bored with their toys and pull out the boxes from the closet, and it’s like new toys to them. While they’re busy enjoying their “new” loot, I’m packing up some of the stuff that they had just been bored with. It helps keep a fresh feeling for them. It’s so effective, especially during the long winter months, when it can get a bit too chilly for them to play outside. It also helps me save money on our toy budget, especially for Ziggy. Sometimes, I pull out boxes of toys, and realize that my older son has outgrown them, and they become completely new to Ziggy fun!

I recently found out about Pley. It’s a fun website that sends you toys for your kids to play with. For a monthly fee, you get great toys delivered right to your door. When your child is done, return it, and you’ll get another great toy for them! As a bonus, you get free delivery, and unlimited rentals! As a parent, I love the idea of saving time, money and saving my home from clutter!
Pley offers great brands such as Lego, and K’nex. They don’t charge you for missing pieces! (I don’t know about you, but I have found stray Lego pieces in the strangest of places!) Play also cleans and sanitizes all toys for your safety.
And don’t worry, if your child falls head over heels in love with a toy and is desperate to not trade it in for a new toy, you are given the option to buy it!


Be sure to check out Pley for your kids!

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