Happy Birthday Mr. Ziggy!

Two years ago today, my life changed as my heart grew. My Ziggy made his grand entrance earth-side. He has brought so much happiness to our lives with his beautiful smile and his contagious laugh.

He’s taught me so much. I’ve learned lessons in patience. I’ve also learned how strong we are. We made it through my seizures, both during pregnancy as well as after his birth. He survived the cord being wrapped around his neck twice, and a scary shoulder injury during birth. He got better, without surgery or even physical therapy. Today, I honestly couldn’t even tell you which shoulder was injured two years ago. We’ve made it through horrible reflux as a newborn/infant. We’ve also struggled with weigh gain, on both our parts. It’s been a lot for just two years, but we’re strong.

I love you, Ziggy. I love your determination in all you do. I love your pride in all your accomplishments. I love your loving heart and your kind soul. Rock on, my rad little dude.

We’ve had a pretty good day. Due to falling asleep on the couch super early last night, then rolling off the couch when I was putting my water in the kitchen, he was up until after 1am. Consequently, he slept in until about 10 this morning. He was pleasantly surprised by my decorating and asked to see and touch everything. (He had picked out some blue and green crepe paper and some hanging stars.)
He got a bunch of great presents, including new shoes and clothes (he’s currently playing with his Avengers shoes), books, Leap Frog products, bath toys, a cat piano that he’s had his eye on forever, a stuffed Brobee and much more that I’m not even remembering. His sister got him some Little People animals to go with his zoo. His brother passed on some of his old toys- a huge box of cars and a tool bench and boxes of tools. He adores his brother’s hand me downs, and I think that those have gotten the most playtime since he opened the gifts.

After a tasty dinner of sweet and sour meatballs over noodles (over rice for everyone else), Ziggy enjoyed a cupcake with two candles. He even blew them out all by himself. He took a shower afterwards and enjoyed a cup of almond milk before returning to this birthday loot!

It’s been a nice day. I’m going to go snuggle up with my now 2 year old and watch the Halloween episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.

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