HandVibes- Awesome Rings With Attitude!

Kids are always on the look out for the next big trend.  When I was asked to review HandVibes, I couldn’t wait to show them to GG.

HandVibes are super cute rubbery rings that come in a wide variety of vibrant colors.  They  have cool words and phrases on them, like “Rad”, “Boo-Yah”, “Dude”, and more.  There are even rare swirly rings that have emoticons on them that are hidden in one out of every six packages of HandVibes.  These are collectible, and your kids will have so much fun trading them with friends!

Each package has two visible rings and one surprise hidden ring.

With nine bright colors and 25 awesome sayings, and of course the 10 rare emoticon designs, the possibilities for your child are endless (Okay so that makes for 235 different rings, but that’s still a lot of rings)!  My daughter loves this!  She can mix and match, she can coordinate these cool accessories with her outfits, or even harmonize with her mood.

These actually came at the perfect time, as GG was sick, and they managed to put a little smile on her face.  My daughter loves her HandVibes, and I love super affordable trend for the kids.  These would make a perfect little holiday gifts this season.

GG trying out her new HandVibes rings!

You can also check out HandVibes on Facebook.


I received two packages of HandVibes rings for GG.  The opinions in this post are 100% my own.

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