Gutzy Gear is the Hot New Trend This School Year

I got to throw a Gutzy Gear Get Together, just in time for back to school, thanks to Gutzy Gear and MomSelect. We thought it would be fun to get together with a few friends so the kids could make some awesome strap covers for their backpacks. The best part is the awesome velcro patches that attach to the covers. The kids were each given a starter pack which had a set of strap covers and 2 Gutzy Patches. They had so much fun picking out some cool designs, and are already talking about trading with other friends at school. Heck, I think some trades were made before everyone even left my house!

The kids had so much fun decorating and redecorating, but that’s the great things about Gutzy Gear… they can change their minds as often as they’d like!
I love that there’s no sewing or ironing, because I’ll be honest… I’m not very good with either. The kids love how collectible and tradable they are.

A creation by one of our party girls

Gutzy Gear strap covers can be used on a variety of backpack straps, and even messenger bags. Because they are so cute and stylish, I’m debating picking one up for the diaper bag!
I love that even though Speed’s school has uniforms, Gutzy Gear gives him and his friends a little way to personalize their attire.

In addition to the Gutzy Gear patches, there are also specialty designs with characters like Spongebob, Monster High, Spider Man, The Avengers and Sonic.

These will be a definite must have item for this coming school year. Be sure to check the store locator to find a store near you that carries Gutzy Gear.

My kids have informed me that I have their permission to buy them new Gutzy Gear patches whenever I want!

Here are my kids sporting their Gutzy Gear-

I received a Party Pack from Gutzy Gear and MomSelect. All opinions in this post are my own and based on my experience with Gutzy Gear.

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