Getting Ready for Back to School

I have multiple updates rolling around in my head, just so little time to actually sit down and get them typed in.  Bam has reached a phase where he doesn’t like my computer.  He can be happily playing with his brother or sister and as soon as I sit down with the laptop, he makes a mad dash for me.  I can’t nurse and type because that’s uncalled for.
I used to save this stuff for when he was asleep for the night.  Now I need to start going to bed earlier, so we can start our routine up again with school starting up.

My kids have little more than a week before school starts up.  I am going to miss having them around, but they do need to go, of course.
This weekend is tax-free week on clothing and school supplies here in Florida, so I’ll be running around like a madwoman buying shorts and undies for Speed (we already got his uniform shirts and socks).  GG needs pretty much all clothes, especially given the fact that she isn’t in uniforms this year.  We also need to get the school supplies.  Ugh.  I need to print out the lists, and determine what I’m getting and where so I can make hopefully only one trip, and make it as effective as possible.

The kids are not thrilled with their earlier bedtimes.  No one is thrilled with waking earlier.
Bam has finally gotten into a schedule based on them being home, which did not involve being up and out of the house quite that early.
We’re all in for some big daily adjustments.
Hopefully it will go well… schedule changes and Bam don’t go well together, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

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