Getting Old Stinks!

I had to go see a Gastroenterologist for my still mysterious stomach pains. He said it still might be my gall bladder, or it could be something else.
On Tuesday, I had to go in for an endoscopy. I was super nervous. It was not helped by the fact that my older son was worried by the fact that it was being performed in a “surgery center”, even though it was just a procedure. It was also not helped by the fact that Ziggy kept telling me that he hoped that they wouldn’t kill me.
It was also a stressful several days because I, despite numerous calls, could not get a price on how much this whole shebang was going to cost, because of course it wasn’t covered by insurance. The day before, I was also having anxiety because I found out my procedure wouldn’t be until 10am. I’d originally been told it would be between 6:30-9:30. And I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight. I would have been allowed a tiny sip of water to take my seizure medication in the morning, but my new neurologist switched everything and told me to take it all at night a month ago.
Tuesday morning, I woke up hungry, and with my mouth feeling like a desert. It was National Coffee Day and I couldn’t participate, so I was very grumpy. We arrived at the surgery center, only to discover that the procedure was going to cost much more than we anticipated.
Thanks to my tiny veins, my nurse had a very hard time inserting an IV.
I continuously reminded everyone about my seizures, because they are a very real fear for me. The anesthesiologist assured me that she had the magic shot to stop one if it started.
I didn’t end up getting taken back until noon. As they rolled me into the room, I told them all that, “My four year old has requested that y’all not kill me today.” They all got a laugh. Everyone was really friendly, and joking. Another doctor helped me roll over and placed a guard in my mouth. I remember starting to feel woozy, and the anesthesiologist looping the nasal cannula over one ear. The next thing I know, my husband was by my side, trying to wake me up. Apparently, it was taking longer to wake me than the normal patient. He kept telling me to open my eyes. I remember telling him he was annoying me. I do not remember the doctor coming in to speak with us, but apparently, he biopsied some stuff, there is some acid damage in there, and I may need to consider a gluten-free diet.
On the way home, I was so sleepy, but also voraciously hangry. I was told soft, mild foods, so on the way home, we stopped off and my husband picked up a chicken salad sandwich, per my request. It was soft, but due to the swelling of my throat, I was having a hard time swallowing. I ended up taking two bites, and getting the most horrendous hiccups ever. Seriously, I thought I was going to die. We got home, and I slept for several hours, even though my kids kept texting me. When they got home, they were sad that I had no voice, and kept yelling at me to not talk… even though I was just trying to answer their questions!
My husband stayed home to take care of me, and to prove how much he loves me, and how awesome he is, he watched Real Housewives of Orange County with me.

Monday I have to go in for more testing. Something about injecting me with radioactive dye and putting a camera above my gall bladder, them making my gall bladder act up and taking more pictures. Fun. Well, I’m supposed to go in on Monday, I haven’t heard back about a definitive time yet, so I guess we’ll see.

Oh, and I’m additionally grumpy because I’m having more pain now because of him stirring my insides up, and I’m having unpleasant medication side effects.

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