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I enjoy using Scott Paper Towels, and Scott Bathroom Tissue in my home for my family. I am thankful that I got to participate in this sponsored post for Collective Bias for my families messes.

I’ve long been a fan of Scott Products. The town I grew up in had a Scott plant. I saw how many people families had jobs because of Scott. I was aware at a young age how many families would be hurt if that plant shut down. Many of the families I knew had one parent working at the plant, while the other was able to stay at home with the kids. They were great to the employees I knew. Even after I moved away from that town, I still had an appreciation for Scott. I really have always loved #ScottValues.

Fast forward to some years down the road. I’m now married and have a family of my own. I still appreciate the quality of Scott Products. I’m married to a truck driver, and I love that man, but he comes with greasy messes. I have three kids and they come with kid messes that range from make up messes to food and drink spills. With two boys, I also see my fair share of mud and I probably don’t even want to know what that last mess I cleaned up was!

#ScottValuesScott Paper Products

For personal business, we love how effective Scott Bath Tissue is. For everyday messes, Scott Paper Towels are a success. I love that I am able to select a size, depending upon the mess. They are also strong and absorbent. They’re also soft enough to wipe up messy faces. I like to keep a few Scott paper towels on the counter so Ziggy can reach them. Even he cleans up after himself!

Kids love Scott#ScottValuesZiggy doesn’t cry over spilled almond milk, he grabs a Scott paper towel and cleans the mess up!

As an added bonus, at Walmart, you can purchase Scott paper products with a $4 Vudu movie credit. My daughter is thankful that due to Scott Shared Values, we can get a movie from Vudu and have a girls night. She is thrilled because I said we could watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. Since I know we’ll be getting more Scott Paper Towels, and likely another code, I told Speed he gets next pick!

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