Friday Five

41. I gave birth to my three kids silently, but screamed and swore like a sailor when I went for a waxing session.

42. I went to Daytona Bike Week, riding across the state on a motorcycle. I went with two guys (one of which was Hubby) who had been in horrible motorcycle accidents years earlier that they shouldn’t have survived. Sadly, a couple years after we lost the friend that we went with in a motorcycle accident.

43. I used to love fishing, but hated baiting the hook. I used a wide variety of non-squirmy bait. Bubble gum was not successful, but surprisingly dog food was. When I actually caught fish, I’d walk to my Gram’s house with the fish still on the line so she could take it off for me.

44. When I was in third grade, I checked out War and Peace because I wanted to appear to be “super-smart”. I actually did read it and enjoyed discussing it with my librarian.

45. I still have my dress from my high school senior prom. I don’t know if it still fits of not. I’m afraid of trying it on, my body is definitely not the same after thee kids! Although it did still fit after I had GG, and I wore it to a holiday party that my husband’s job hosted.

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