Friday Five

36.  My body drains watch batteries.  If I get a new watch, with new batteries, the batteries will be dead within 2 months.  I’ve an an Eco-Drive for years now with great success.

37.  Growing up, I think we ate more meals with chopsticks than not.  Friends loved eating at my house because it was a fun adventure, even if we just had ramen soup for lunch!

38.  I have my tongue pierced and can’t imagine taking it out.  When I do have to take it out, I feel so awkward and “naked”.  I’ve had it in for almost 12 years.  I got it done before everyone and their sister had it done.  As a matter of fact, the guy who pierced it was insanely nervous because even though he’d been trained, he’d never pierced a tongue before.

39.  I bought a motorcycle many years ago that I was planning on rebuilding, less than two months later I was pregnant with Speed and couldn’t stand the smell of the garage.

40.  I prefer for the toilet paper to roll over the top.  I’m pretty sure that when my husband replaces the roll, he places it rolling under on purpose just to annoy me.

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