Friday Five

I’m feeling really icky. There was/is a situation here that has led to a lot of stress and junk. I’m not sure if I’m going into it right now, but needless to say, I got 15 minutes of sleep last night before the baby woke up having a coughing fit. After I got him settled, I paced the house some more. I got less than an hour, then the baby woke up for the morning. Luckily, hubby came home at that point and took the baby so I got another hour of sleep. Of course the baby napped during the running of the errands, so there was no nap to be had for the very Overtired Mommy.
I wish I’d written this post ahead of time, and am hoping that I don’t end up repeating myself.

66. I sing while driving in the car. I stop singing at red lights or stop signs. Not sure why. Maybe for fear of people next to me pointing and laughing?

67. When I was little, I thought that there was a bear that lived on a mountain that threw the stars out over the sky at night.

68. Growing up, I had two imaginary friends, Peppy and Terry. Terry is my Dad’s name. No idea where Peppy came from.

69. I have an insane fear of vomiting. I cannot throw up unless I mentally allow myself to. There have been maybe a handful of times that I’ve actually not had control over it, and those were almost all due to morning sickness.

70. I spent my 21st birthday with my Aunt and Uncle who were in their 50’s at the time. I’d recently moved to Florida and was staying with them. They took me to the Hard Rock Casino, and then later at home my aunt made me a hella powerful drink.

Okay, so midway through writing that, after both kids were home from school, I became unable to function due to lack of sleep. (Not just last night’s stress, but also many nights previously of Bam waking with random coughing fits.) I left my husband to supervise and put my daughter in charge of making dinner, and I crawled in bed and took a nap.

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