Friday Five

61. I love donating blood. I started when I was 17. Although the first time I went, my stepmother had signed the consent form, and because she wasn’t my legal guardian, I was denied. I cried all day long.

62. When I was born, I didn’t have a name. On my birth certificate it says, “newborn female”. My birth certificate wasn’t amended until several months later with “Judy”.

63. When I was little, I snuck out into the hall while my parents watched King Kong. They didn’t know I was there. It scared the heck out of me, and no joke, every single night for years(!) I had nightmares about a giant ape coming out of the woods behind my house and picking me up. I would scream myself awake every single night. I think that maybe this one deserves it’s own post due to a humorous turn the dream takes, but yeah… recurring nightmares for years. It was always the same, up until the last night. I still cannot watch the movie.

64. I have an odd list of allergies including bananas, onions, celery, raw carrots, raw broccoli, kiwi, avocados, melon and more.

65. I used to play the clarinet back in school. Several years ago, I picked up a guitar. I used to play that while my daughter took baths, back when she was our only. I haven’t played in too long, and actually gave the guitar to her.

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