Yes, I am aware that I failed the 31 Days of Writing Prompts. Life happened. All three kids got sick. They had fevers and stomach issues. They were sick over Christmas, as was I. Also, it was one of those lingering things, so they were sick for the majority of winter break.

The new year hasn’t brought much good fortune, I’m sad to say. We have had a family emergency situation. We’ve been dealing with problems with both cars. We have, or had an extra refrigerator in the garage, which is on it’s way out. The really unfortunate thing about the freezer situation is that my truck driver husband came across 90 pounds of pork, yes, ninety. We shared a great amount, but still had 30-40 pounds. Luckily I noticed while they were still frozen solid, so I had to make a mad transfer to the freezer in the house and give away even more, whether people wanted them or not! And both my boys are sick with fevers, hacking coughs and noses that are both stuffed up and cannot stop running. Thank goodness for the fact that tissues were on sale at Publix this week! Also thanks to the lady at Walmart who gave me a $2 off kids medicine coupon that she didn’t need. There have been too many sad celebrity deaths.
I’m ready for some positive changes and good fortune, so hoping the winds will change soon.

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