Dropcam for all your Mommyhood Life Mysteries

Kids are stealthy, and they are quick. As a mom, I have had a few moments where I’ve been left scratching my head, trying to figure out how on earth something was done, or just wished that I could have been witness to the crazy shenanigans.

I’d love to know how at only a year old, Ziggy got onto the island in the kitchen, took a single bite out of each apple and placed it back in the bowl.
When Speed was a potty training toddler, he’d pee into my baskets of clean laundry. That is something that I would have loved to have known before going to put the laundry away at the end of the day.
My daughter, I wish I could have been witness to her, when she was five years old, coloring all over a baby Speed, or her as a toddler covering herself in diaper rash cream, from head to toe.

Honestly, they are just so fast, and can get into stuff in the blink of an eye… or in the time it takes for a Mom to try to use the bathroom!

Having a Dropcam camera system would have been awesome with all three. I’m happy that 2/3 of my kids are done with the trickster toddler phase, although now I have one entering the sneaky teen years, so maybe Dropcam is still a good idea! I love idea of a system that does cloud recording, so it can be viewed any time, anywhere, and the footage is stored safely out of my home.
Never miss a moment with Dropcam, and never scratch your head wondering how your sneaky toddler got into the toilet paper and toilet papered one end of the house while you were answering the door and accepting a package for all of five minutes!

Be sure to check out their great featured cameras. I know that they are something I would love to have in my home!

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One thought on “Dropcam for all your Mommyhood Life Mysteries

  1. I would get tickled on how quickly they figure out how to climb out the crib. Sounds like a nice product.

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