Disappearing Act

I didn’t intentionally disappear from the blog. It started out simple enough with computer problems that I’d mentioned previously. Hubby, who can built desktops, tried to fix my laptop, but couldn’t. As a matter of fact, when he was done, it wouldn’t even turn on. It went to the repair shop for several days, and I was pretty much without a computer. I tried using hubby’s laptop, but everything I needed was on my laptop, because I didn’t listen and didn’t back everything up into the cloud like I’m supposed to.

Once I got it back, I was hit with a horrible bug that one of my kids had brought home. It made it’s round from Speed, to GG, to Ziggy, to hubby, to GG again, and to me. It was horrible. Horrible to the point of me buying a Neti Pot out of desperation. I have some serious issues with water going up my nose, so was in disbelief that people would willingly pour water up one nostril for it to pour out the other. I couldn’t breathe, or sleep, so I followed the advice of friends who swore by it. And I could breathe again. I won’t go into the details of the disaster that was my first attempt, but a word of advice, that I wish had been shared with me, do not tip your head back while using the neti pot. Keep your head forward. Just trust me on that.

I’m trying to remember what else has been going on in Overtiredland… My kids had spring break. They were sick for the first half of it, and then my parents took them for the second half of it, and they had a lot of fun.

I got a hair cut. Like a serious hair cut. As in, I have no more hair, practically. It’s much shorter than it was supposed to be. I’m adjusting to it, but am having a hard time training the side bangs, especially since I’ve been sick. And with short hair, the sick hair has been epic. Oh, and now the greys are much more obvious… awesome. My daughter has told me that I look like Kris Kardashian and my older son told me I have Justin Bieber hair. Even more awesome. (and those are two names that I never thought would appear on my blog…) I have no idea if I’ll keep it like this, or try to grow it out, or what at this point. Bonus, I don’t even have to brush it, since there’s nothing left to brush, and it dries in no time.
My daughter also got a hair cut and donated her hair to Locks of Love.

Okay, I’ve enjoyed a large cup of coffee while typing this update so I should go load the dishwasher and start the dinner prep while I still have energy, because who knows how long it will last. I need to feel better soon, because this crud is for the birds!

hairAnd here’s a pic of my new hair.  Even though I just realized I shared a picture in yesterday’s post, but I already edited it, so here’s the pic of my hair right after it was all cut off.

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