Despite some of the insanity, I’m still Thankful!

Wednesday night, my boys played together while I baked cakes and did other prep work.  Bam had developed a cough, which of course only worsened as the night progressed.  We went to bed and by this point his coughing fits seemed to be scaring him and it seemed that he was having a hard time catching his breathe.  He coughed so hard he threw up on me a few times.  I debated as to what I should do.  I wasn’t sure what I should do with my older two if I decided that a trip to the emergency room was needed.  Then there’s also the little fact that the nearest er is the one that treated me so badly.  He managed to sleep between coughing fits, and nursing when he did wake.  I didn’t sleep, and watched him like a hawk.  His breathing wasn’t labored during sleep, his chest wasn’t rattling, he wasn’t blue during his coughing fits… he just had this horrible cough.

He did managed to get a three hour solid stretch in, and I debated calling my parents to find out when they’d be here so I could squeeze in a nap.  Half an hour later they called me saying they’d be here soon.  I got up and started trying to pick out something to wear while Bam still slept.
Speed came in and informed me that I couldn’t wear one of the shirts because it was too short.  He asked me if it was the baby’s.  Yeah, guess I’m not wearing that anymore.  He also informed me that I couldn’t wear jeans.

We came downstairs and I put on the parade while I started getting more things ready.  Hubby Man came home, then shortly after my parents got here and I still had a million things to do.

Bam’s cough, which had been better, was returning and he decided that it was time to be the clingiest baby ever.  If I put him down and even walked into another room, remaining within his sight, he screamed and cried.  I put him in his high chair with some crackers and that worked for a few minutes, but then he realized he was restrained and there were PEOPLE!!!  So hysterical screams with a mouthful of crackers began.  I wore him for awhile, but being on my back wasn’t okay with him.  I wasn’t okay with him eating on my front and getting crackers down my shirt.
Luckily my stepmother and stepsister were so helpful in getting things ready so I could tend to needy baby.

When dinner was just about ready, the rolls were placed in the oven.  With baby firmly on hip, I was bringing things into the dining room, when I saw a look of complete alarm on my stepmom’s face.  I heard her say, “Fire!”  I yelled, “Fire!”  You know, in case anyone didn’t hear.
GG ran to the pantry to grab the baking soda, Hubby ran to the oven, I ran and grabbed the baking soda from the fridge because GG couldn’t find the big box.  Hubby had it out when I went to toss the baking soda at him.
We all had a good laugh after the excitement died down.

116)  I am thankful for my family who came to join us today, and I miss those who were unable to be here.

117)  I am thankful for the amazing dinner!  Everything was SO good!

118)  I am grateful for my family who helped get things ready when I couldn’t because Bam was flipping out because somebody looked at him the wrong way or I took two steps away from him.

119)  I am thankful that my Dad was able to take the baby a couple times so I could use the bathroom without hearing someone scream like a banshee.

120)  I am grateful that my house didn’t burn down.  I’m just really glad that everyone was right there and there was absolutely no damage.

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