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My kids got a lot of toys for Christmas. They are a lot of new kits with a ton of small parts that seem to be all over the place right now. They got Legos, various mini figures, lots of Minecraft stuff, Star Wars toys, dinosaurs and so much more! The toys seem to be taking over my house. I mean, seriously, my youngest got a mini trampoline, and he has piled activity boards on top of it, so it’s rendered useless at this time! It is very, very overwhelming. It’s also a lot of stimulation for them, because they are left trying to figure out what to play with now, and what to play with later. It can be a lot of choices, especially for my youngest guy.

My plan, this month, is, one day, while they are in school, to go through all the toys and get rid of things that they have forgotten about, or no longer play with. I wish this was a process that I could include them in, however when I try to get them to get rid of things they claim, “I forgot I had that!” “It’s my favorite!” and “I promise I’ll play with it from now on!”, and it ends up in the bottom of the toy box once again, forgotten and not played with.
We donate the toys so that they can be enjoyed by other children.


I absolutely love the concept of Pley. I think it’s fantastic that my kids can get the hottest toys to play with, and once they are done or bored, we return them. Pley then ships out another great item for my kids to enjoy. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. For one low price (and bonus free shipping!), my kids get an awesome new toy rotation, and hours of entertainment. I get to save time and money, because let’s face it, finding those toys that they want can be time consuming, and it can definitely be costly. I also get the peace of not having toys spilling forth all over the house. I love the idea of reducing the clutter!

Pley has so many building sets to encourage hours of creative time, which, as a parent, I love an alternative to screen time. There are even some sets that I would joy doing for, I mean, with them!
One top of all that, Pley encourages your child to share. Once their done with their Pley toy, they send it back so it can go on to another child.


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