Dave’s Killer Bread

Disclosure- I received a product sample or other compensation for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

I have seen Dave’s Killer Bread in stores, and I’ve been curious about it for quite some time. In my quest to help my family eat healthier, I’ve been wanting to try a bread that is better for them, but taste is a huge factor when it comes to my family. My kids are major sandwich eaters. Between peanut butter and jelly, and grilled cheese, they eat a lot of bread, especially since they are on summer vacation. My kids can be a bit on the picky side, so I can’t buy just any bread for them. I had seen it at my grocery store, but was reluctant to buy it, because I was afraid that they wouldn’t like it.


The White Bread Done Right was absolutely delicious. It was soft, and made a perfect peanut butter and jelly, paired with a glass of cold milk. It has 3g of protein, 2g of fiber, 120mg omega-3, and 10g whole grains. It has the most whole grains per slice of any organic white bread.


The Powerseed made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. It is sweetened with only organic fruit juices, and has only 1g of sugar per slice. It has 5g of protein, 5g of fiber, 440mg omega-3 and 20g of whole grains. It’s loaded with fiber, protein, and whole grain nutrition.

The 21 Whole Grains and Seeds is thin sliced, and pairs well with deli meats and cheese. With 3g of protein, 3g of fiber, 140mg of omega-3 and 13g of whole grains, this bread is amazing and healthy.

All three breads were great, and loaded with flavor. All three of my kids loved them all. My oldest already eats sandwiches daily. Since we got the bread, my youngest has also started requesting daily sandwiches.

My family definitely loves Dave’s Killer Bread, and with three kids going off to school in August, it will be making an appearance in three lunch boxes from this household!

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