It’s been all over my Facebook feed today. Friends all over the country have shared a story that happened right here in Florida. Each time I read the story, my blood boils.

Two girls, ages 12 and 14 bullied another 12 year old girl until she took her own life by jumping from an abandoned factory building.
At one point, she may have been bullied by many other girls through social media.

I’ve made my opinions very clear here. Parents need to be parents, not friends. Be nosey and monitor your children’s social media accounts. Maybe they are being bullied, or maybe they are the ones doing the bullying. Either way, you can step in and take action as a parent.
I’m a parent.  My children’s well being is my first priority in this life.  I don’t care if my daughter thinks I’m “uncool” or “annoying”.  I’m not her friend.  I am her parent.
Her father and I do check what she’s doing on the computer. We search through her phone and her tablet. Invasion of privacy? Maybe, but she is my minor daughter, and I’ll do what I have to to keep her safe, including keeping tabs on her.
Make sure you check what social media platforms they are using, and look to see what they’re posting. My daughter has Facebook and Pinterest, but does not have Twitter, Instagram, or anything else. I asked her to delete her Kik.
She knows we only do our checks because we love her, even if we seem like crazy overprotective parents sometimes.

Kids, especially at the middle school level, and especially girls can be insanely cruel.

I think the two girls who have been arrested in the death of Rebecca Sedwick need strict punishment. They need to held accountable. Their parents need to be held accountable. A life has been lost because of these two little girls. What kind of child tells another to “drink bleach and die”? What kind of child posts on Facebook, “Yes, I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don’t give a…” What kind of child is responsible for the death of a fellow human and shows no remorse? The darkness within her scares me. Her future scares me. Her upbringing scares me.

My heart goes out to Rebecca’s family and I am deeply sorry for their loss.

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2 thoughts on “Cyberbullying

  1. I 100% agree that parents should be involved in their children’s social media use. That’s a parent’s job. Bad, bad things can happen in real life because of “virtual happenings” and parents need to keep themselves informed, or else keep their kids offline.

    • I completely agree. I know my kids think I can be a pain, but I’d rather be a pain than find out that something was happening while I was trying to be the “cool parent”.

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