Loving- I’m loving that the weather is slowly cooling off. We’re still in the 80’s, so I still have uncomfortable days, but once we’re in the 70’s regularly, I should be a happy camper! And I’ll be able to wear some of the cooler weather clothes that I’ve been buying! (I needed new clothes, but stores have already changed seasons, so I’ve been able to find a ton of pants, jeans, sweaters and cardigans. Shorts and short sleeved tops or tanks, not so much!)

Reading- 11/22/63 by Stephen King. It’s about a guy who finds a way to travel back in time and considers what the world could be if he changes a major historical event, like the assassination of JFK. I’m still “at the beginning”. Stephen King tends to lay out a lot of info before getting into the true story of his books, so I think I’m now finally getting into it. At nearly 700 pages, I still may be reading for awhile, though. Especially considering that I’ve implemented a new rule that my Nook doesn’t go up to the bedroom so I’m not reading “Just one more chapter…” until 5am
Incidentally, I had to buy more Nook books because the last books I bought were the 50 shades books back in June, and all B&N suggestions were for dirty books. I was not happy!

Watching- Supernatural is back on, and I’m thrilled! I’m considering watching The Walking Dead. I’ve never seen it, but am curious as to what all the hype is.

Thinking about- Many things… My Dad’s health, which hasn’t been great. My sick boys. Ziggy’s birthday, hubby’s birthday. Some things that I have to go to the store for, and I should make a list, but it’s likely that I won’t and I’ll forget, then I’ll end up wandering around Target trying to remember and walking out with tons of stuff that I don’t need and nothing that I’m thinking about now.

Anticipating- My baby will be turning two on Friday! I’m excited, but also a bit sad that he’s growing up so much! He’s such a big boy, and it’s bittersweet. He’s really doing well with the potty training, and I’m honestly looking forward to not having to change any more poopy diapers.

Listening to- I’ll admit it, I’ve been listening to Christmas music. Already. The baby and I needed something different in our every day, and yes, I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.

Working on- My #Give500 I’m strategically placing boxes around my house and several times a day I’m dropping things to give away into the boxes. Hopefully this weekend I can count stuff, bag/box it up and give, and of course, post an update!

Wishing- I’d washed my blanket earlier in the day. Ziggy’s diaper leaked this morning on it and I put it in the laundry room and promptly forgot about it until about an hour ago. Looks like I’ll have to get out a new blanket, and being such a creature of habit, this doesn’t make me happy. (this was written and scheduled at nearly 11pm, by the way)

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