Loving- Having long peaceful days with the baby while the older two are in school. We are trying to adjust to the novelty, and Ziggy’s naps have been thrown off, but I am hoping that soon we’ll have our own little schedule that involves regular work time for me, maybe some workout time for me, and of course, tons of play time for us both.

Reading- Not currently reading anything, and with our schedule upheaval, I haven’t had time to pick up Two Kisses For Maddy as planned last week.

Watching- Thinking about watching Generation Kill because I haven’t seen it in forever.

Thinking about- Some things that happened at my daughter’s school, but out of respect for her privacy, I am not going to go into it.

Anticipating- Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will be married to my best friend and soul mate for 12 years!

Listening to- Listening to the baby play in the corner.

Working on- Trying to get caught up on blog work and housework. The kids being in school really through off Ziggy’s schedule, and resulted in odd nap times (if he got one at all), therefore I didn’t get much done during the week.

Wishing- I’m wishing I could clone myself, because really, I have too much to do. I’m also wishing I could sneak into my parents luggage as they are leaving for New England tomorrow.


nap timeThis is the only way that naps occurred this week.

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