Conquering Fears

Some of you know that I have a fear of driving. I didn’t drive for years. I occasionally relapse and stop driving. The mere thought of sitting behind the wheel turns my innards to a pile of goo.
It’s been my secret shame, something a lot of people don’t understand, because “Everyone drives!”

In the past year, I had driven one time. Somehow this latest relapse has felt more significant. It’s felt different.

Since I have been seeing a therapist, one thing she has continuously brought up… my fear of driving. Of course, there are other things, but that has been a big one. (And wow on the slip… three times, I typed, “there are mother things” Ha!)

With my therapist’s encouragement, I have driven in the past few weeks. More than once. Granted, it’s just been to the store and back, but it’s something. I’m slowly working my way up to going further outside my comfort range. I know it’ll happen, and when it does, I’ll do a happy dance, and buy myself something pretty.

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4 thoughts on “Conquering Fears

  1. this is so awesome! i’ve found with my fears it really begins with baby steps.

  2. I also have a fear of driving that I am trying to overcome. I feel like such a loser at times, because (as you said) ‘everyone drives’ and at 30 years old it’s pretty lame to not be able to take myself (or my children) anywhere.
    Good luck and I hope we can both overcome this fear!

    • Thank you, and good luck to you. It is really hard, and difficult for others to understand. Hopefully we can both conquer this fear! (And it’s always nice to know that I’m not the only one out there!)

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