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Poor Ziggy. He has had itchies off and on, pretty much since school started. It started out with hand, foot, and mouth, and he continues to get a variety hives, bumps and spots. They itch, and make him feel miserable. Sometimes they coincide with him being sick, so I can kind of brush them off as viral. Sometimes they are just completely random. One day, I was giving him yet another dose of Benadryl, per the pediatrician’s recommendation. Benadryl works as a temporary clear up, but it makes him awfully mean. I realized I was giving him multiple doses a day, more days than not, just so he could have some relief. It was ridiculous, and enough was enough. We took him into the pediatrician, yet again, after months of mystery spots. They told us that sometimes people can get caught up in a cycle of hives, which can last months and months… great. They gave us a prescription for steroids to hopefully kick him out of the cycle, since we had not introduced anything new to his system that he might be allergic to.
He just finished his steroids a few nights ago, and was itchy-free the entire time. Unfortunately, he is now sick, again. He has a cough and runny nose, and if he has the same thing as me, body aches. And I just noticed a smattering of the polka dots that we’ve come to despise.
At our last visit, the pediatrician told us that if the steroids didn’t work, our next step is a blood test. If that doesn’t show anything, then he’ll need the horrible allergy scratch test, which I dread more than anything.
I’m so torn. The current spots very well could be viral. I’m sick as heck right now, and my husband also has it. I am just at a loss as to what’s going on with my sweet boy. He has yet another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so hopefully soon we’ll know more!

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