Children’s Claritin to the Rescue this Allergy Season

As a member of the Childrenโ€™s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.

Speed has some severe seasonal allergies. He’s already suffering pretty badly. He’s on a prescription allergy medication, but this year is already so bad, his prescription isn’t doing much for him at all. I feel so badly because he’s miserable much of the time, especially after spending any amount of time outdoors, which is rough given how much he loves riding his bike and scooter.

I know that a few of my kids friends are also victims of allergies this spring. I thought it might be fun to get together with some other moms of allergy kids and discuss what works for us, or what doesn’t.

Children’s Claritin was awesome enough to supply me with some goodies to pass out to friends. They sent me some samples of Children’s Claritin as well as some fabulous facial masks to share. You can either heat or chill the masks that contain gel-like beads for relief. They are perfect in my family, since one child prefers heat relief, while the other turns to cold solutions.

It was great to share possible relief ideas with friends, and hear from them some new ideas for my kids when they are suffering from allergies.
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