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As a busy and sleep deprived mommy of three littles, life can be hectic.  I love to serve my kids meals that are healthy, but I sure don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  With the holidays quickly approaching, things have been crazy.  We’ve had various activities and this one’s been sick, then that one’s been sick, say nothing of actually trying to get ready for Christmas.
There were nights when between kids after school activities and then holiday stuff, we barely had time for dinner.  I knew it was time to come up with some great quick dinners, and it was Tyson to the rescue.  They have these incredible Mini Chicken Sandwiches.
My family loves Italian food, as a matter of fact, I have an aunt who always made lasagna for Christmas.  My hubby loves Chicken Parm Heroes, so I decided to try something along those lines.

I had a few items to get, so I made my list, grabbed my Bam and we headed out to Walmart.  The place was packed, but that’s to be expected right before the holidays.
I thought it might be kind of fun to buy some string cheese sticks and chop those up to top the chicken sandwiches with.  I knew both of the older two would like it, and they could have the extras for snacks.  Speed is a cheese fanatic.  One of his current requirements for cheese it that it be yellow cheese.  He’s been on a Borden’s kick lately, so that’s what I picked up.  I briefly contemplated picking up the Chuck E. Cheese Cheese, but knew that I’d have to listen to an infinite number of requests to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s from Speed, and right now he’s the only one who find a lot of enjoyment there.
I debated over the sauce, there were so many yummy flavors.  My family loves sauce, and I decided to go with a roasted garlic.
I found the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches with ease and decided to grab two boxes.  With the kids on vacation, these could also make some tasty lunches!  They’re easy enough that the kids could make them on their own!
I picked up a bag of fries and a bag of tater tots  and was just about done.    This is when the fun began.  Apparently there was a bag of frozen tortellini in the freezer case that was torn open.  One of the girls who was stocking the freezer took it out and went to toss it at a coworker.  The coworker wasn’t where the tosser expected her to be… I was.  The bag split all the way open and I was hit with a frozen tortellini bomb.  There were little pasta pouches all around me and all over the aisle.  We all had a good laugh over it.  They declined pictures, unfortunately, and cleaned up really quickly once I’d asked!

I had three hungry kids, and one hungry husband, so these were a perfect quick dinner.  We had a very last minute change from fries to tater tots, and while the tots were baking, I got started with the Chicken Parm Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches.  My older two were highly curious about my project and thrilled with the idea I had.  We chopped up the string cheese sticks… well I did while the older two snuck pieces!

I cooked the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches according to the package directions, then placed the mini chicken sandwiches on glass baking pans (GG had grabbed me 2 pie plates), without the top buns.  I spooned a little sauce over the chicken patties, tossed some of the cheese stick chunks on and I put them in the oven with the fries just to melt the cheese a little.

Now, in hindsight, I would have chosen a different cheese.  I had a fun idea, but they didn’t melt at all, really.  Once I pulled them out, I put the bun tops on and we all enjoyed our dinner.  Even Bam enjoyed his, of course his sensitive tummy couldn’t have the sauce or cheese, but he loves his Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwich!

Be sure to check out my Google + Story to see all of the fun pics from our shopping trip and cooking fun!

Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches are not available at all Walmarts, so be sure to check to see if your nearest store carries them!

Right now you can receive a $5 Walmart Gift Card when you buy 2 boxes of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at participating Walmart locations!  Act fast!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All opinions are my own and based on this great product #TysonGoodness

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