Today I collect Candy Tax from my Kids

We had a fun Halloween. Speed had a Book Character Parade at school. He dressed up as Harry Potter, and was adorable! Due to a small campus, and limited parking, I decided to put Ziggy in the jogging stroller and jog there. There was a nice breeze, so it was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Speed!

Nine years ago today, my world complete changed. My little Speed came racing into this world… almost beating the doctor! You, my dear son, have taught me so much in your 9 years on this earth. I have been taught understanding and patience. I have learned to look at things … Continue reading

Potty Break!

In a recent post, I told how my kids seem unable to do anything independently so far this summer. They even ask if they can use the bathroom still. Deanna commented that it was probably due to the fact that they’re so used to having to ask at school, which … Continue reading

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