Just Keep Breathing

I did not like Trump, and there was also much that I didn’t like about Hillary. I did, however, respect the opinions of my friends and family. As election day approached, I became anxious, knowing that no matter what the outcome, there would be much anger in this country. I … Continue reading


I am a survivor of domestic violence. I’ve avoided the Ray Rice video because I don’t want to see something that could be potentially triggering. I don’t want to see a woman who cannot see her own worth. While I cannot judge her because I have not been in her … Continue reading

Senseless Tragedy

I live in a small-ish suburb of Tampa. It’s nice. It’s quiet. It’s close enough that we can do thing, but far enough from the crazy. Or so I though. It has been all over the news, not only locally, but nationally, and even internationally, that there was a shooting … Continue reading


Kind of scary times we’re in. First, some guy attacks homeless guy in Miami and eats his face. Which, by the way, in reading an article on it, that article happened to have a photo with it. Seriously… I’ve had trouble falling asleep since seeing it. (we have filters set … Continue reading

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