Seizures are Scary

Well, they’ve started again. I was more than two years seizure-free. I hate seizures more than just about anything in this world. They hurt, they are scary, the interrupt my entire life. As I suffered through the focalized seizures, I got into my neurologist sooner than originally planned. He nearly … Continue reading

Making Changes

I’ve been eating gluten-free for a “test week”, er my gastroenterologist’s suggestion, for 4 days now. I really hate to admit that I am feeling somewhat better. My stomach pains have definitely subsided, except for when I slipped up. Yeah, yeah… I couldn’t go four days without slipping, and I’m … Continue reading

Disfunctional Brain

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was walking to a friend’s house before school one morning, as I did each school day. One early January morning was different, as I collapsed while crossing the street. I had my first ever grande mal seizure (now called tonic clonic … Continue reading

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