My daughter wrote a speech on depression for school. She based her speech on her own personal experience as well as mine. She was asked to give her speech at a county-wide summit for bullying awareness and prevention. As she sat up front, her principal informed me that she would … Continue reading

My Heart

Having a teen is filled with challenges. I know that a lot of time, in her eyes, I am embarrassing, uncool, annoying, unfair, mean and just plain horrible. We clash, she stomps off, away from me. I’m left wondering how I’ll survive the teen years with her, and in a … Continue reading

Today I collect Candy Tax from my Kids

We had a fun Halloween. Speed had a Book Character Parade at school. He dressed up as Harry Potter, and was adorable! Due to a small campus, and limited parking, I decided to put Ziggy in the jogging stroller and jog there. There was a nice breeze, so it was … Continue reading

Kid Trends and Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure is a powerful thing when you’re an adolescent. They’re growing, they’re exploring the world, and they’re testing and pushing the limits. Put a group of adolescents together, and those limits get pushed further and further. They tend to act without thinking of potential consequences. They sometimes act foolish … Continue reading

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