SIDS Awareness Month and a Giveaway

Disclosure- I received a product sample for the purpose of this review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. October is National SIDS Awareness Month. As a Mom, with all three of my babies, SIDS was an incredible fear of mine. We are a cosleeping family, and I … Continue reading


– It was 9 am and we were sitting on the couch. For breakfast, Ziggy had already eaten a bowl of cereal, a bagel and some crackers with peanut butter smeared on them… okay, no, he had just licked the peanut better off, but he had eaten a good breakfast. … Continue reading

Proud Mommy!

We went to Speed’s school earlier this week because he was receiving an award. We’d gotten there early, and they’d pushed the ceremony back. Speed’s teacher had come to the office for something and saw us, so she invited us to her classroom since they were watching a movie, and … Continue reading

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