My daughter wrote a speech on depression for school. She based her speech on her own personal experience as well as mine. She was asked to give her speech at a county-wide summit for bullying awareness and prevention. As she sat up front, her principal informed me that she would … Continue reading

I am Blessed

I am incredibly blessed. I have an amazing husband, and I have wonderful parents. Easter Sunday, my husband asked my stepmother if he could speak to her alone, and they went outside. I was wildly curious, and even after much prodding, my husband wouldn’t tell me what was discussed. He … Continue reading

My Heart

Having a teen is filled with challenges. I know that a lot of time, in her eyes, I am embarrassing, uncool, annoying, unfair, mean and just plain horrible. We clash, she stomps off, away from me. I’m left wondering how I’ll survive the teen years with her, and in a … Continue reading

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