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I am on medications to help prevent my seizures, so these are very important in my life. Well, being the Overtired Mommy, I have to be honest, sometimes I forget. Each morning, I wake up, put my pill bottles on the center island, get a drink of water. At this point, I also have to get Ziggy a drink of water, and that requires clinking glasses and saying, “Cheers!” (Seriously, every morning.) At this point, I turn back to the island, and I can’t remember if I took my pills before getting Ziggy a drink, or if I have yet to take them. Each night, I end up in bed, wondering if I’ve taken my evening pills. It’s horrible, and forgetting these pills can have dire consequences for me and my family.

I have two pill boxes that I intended to fill with my morning and evening doses, but I’d get lazy. I always told myself I’d fill them later, then later became the next day, became the next day… Obviously, I couldn’t rely on that method either.


When I heard about the #Care4Today Mobile Health Manager, I knew that it was perfect for me and my forgetful mind.

Care4Today™ is a messaging platform that works will almost all mobile phones, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It is also available on the Care4Today™ website on your computer. You can receive medication reminder via text message.
You can also schedule refill reminders, which is a huge plus in my book, especially considering that my medications are mail ordered, so I have to order them well in advance so they can process the order and ship it. As I’ve mentioned, I have memory and procrastination issues, so I’ve had some close calls with my medications arriving on time.

With Care4Today™, adding medications to your reminder list is easy. It even includes pictures, or you can add your own pictures to make things easier. After you’ve gotten your reminder and you take your scheduled medicine, you simply tap to acknowledge that you’ve taken it. Color-coding lets you know your status, if everything is green, you’re doing great. Yellow indicates a late or skipped dose, and red means you’ve missed all doses.

Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager

Another great feature of Care4Today™ MHM is Care4Family™. With Care4Family™, different family members can stay connected to help each other remember to take medications. This could be so helpful with children, or even other adults. I know in my house, I’m not the only one with memory issues. Many times, Overtired Daddy asks me when the last time I saw him take his medication was, because he can’t always remember whether he took it or not.
Also, Speed is on allergy medication, and he is so easily distracted, that I can remember to tell him to take it each morning at 8am (seriously, I can remember his medication, but not my own!) but from walking from one room to the other, he gets sidetracked, and forgets.
If a connected family member forgets to take their medication, you’ll get a notification, so you can personally remind them.
You can even share your data with your healthcare provider.
You can add up to 15 family members to stay connected with on Care4Family™, so it’s great for people with children, who might also be caring for aging parents.

Another bonus is Care4Charity™. Each day that you remember to take all of your medication, you can choose one of three charities to receive a donation from Janssen Healthcare Innovation. Your choices are American Diabetes Association, AIDS United, and Save the Children.
JHI will donate at least $20,000 to each charity, and a maximum additional donation of $90,000 to all of them combined.

I think that the Care4Today™ Mobile Health Manager is a great app. I had an older aunt, who chose to live alone, despite confusion and health conditions. Unfortunately, she didn’t always remember to take her much needed medication, and she ended up in the hospital. We lost her last week.
I wish she’d had this app, so we could gently remind her to take her medications when she forgot. While there’s no way of knowing if it would have changed anything, if would have set my mind at ease about her being alone.

If you, or a family member are taking any medications, either prescription, or over-the-counter, Care4Today™ is a fabulous app for you. Thanks to the daily reminders, I’ve also started taking the vitamins and supplements that my doctor has been recommending, every day as directed!

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