Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

We are officially moved into the new house. It has been an interesting experience, and not something I enjoyed at all.

In packing up the old house, I was terrified that I would run out of boxes, so was constantly insisting I needed more! My sister was bringing them to me from her job. My husband went to Walmart, and loaded up our very large car to capacity with flattened boxes. Our family room/dining room were filled. As I packed and the pile dwindled a bit, I again got nervous, wanting more boxes! A friend of a friend had just moved, so she gave us her boxes, which was two more enormous carloads of flattened boxes. I packed and packed. Come moving day, I looked around our family room/dining area, and was embarrassed that we had, probably about 50 boxes, unassembled, leaning against the wall. We couldn’t just leave them there, and I feared leaving them at the curb. Due to lack of interest, or rain, I didn’t want them to sit there for who knows how long. So, the pile of boxes came with us to the new house. Thanks to the NextDoor app, I listed them, and someone came by that day to get them, and I had five more inquiries for more boxes. It was definitely motivation to unpack. I’d unpack 20 or so boxes, list them, and someone would come get them. (We have so much stuff!!) I’ve definitely gotten rid of more than 100 boxes. I’ve slowed in my unpacking, because after two-ish weeks, we don’t have a lot left, and in my thought process, we’ve lived without it for 3+ weeks, do we need it? I have someone coming by later for some more, and a couple more people interested in some. I’ve also been using the app to get rid of things that we just don’t use or need anymore. I swear, this isn’t a sponsored post. I was using the app to keep up to date on stuff that was happening around me, and even debated breaking up with it, because some people in this neighborhood are so spoiled, and complain about the most trivial things. But, I am so happy that I’m able to get rid of stuff, so I’ll keep it for now.

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2 thoughts on “Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

  1. Do people pay you for the things you get rid of, or is do you give it to them for free? It might be a good way to get rid of things left over from a yard sale too.

    • Some of the stuff I’ve given away, but some stuff I’ve charged for. It’s a good way to get rid of good stuff, but still make a couple bucks! 🙂

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