Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron Review

Since I had Bam, I’ve been thinking of different ways to make myself feel pretty.  Ive taken a few moments to throw on a little makeup while the baby naps.  I try to do these things when I get a chance.  I’d been debating doing something with my hair for quite awhile.  My health issues and the hormonal postpartum hair loss made me leery of doing anything chemical.

When I was offered to review a 1 1/2″ Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron from Flat Iron Experts, I was so happy.

I hadn’t used a curling iron in a long time… you know, back in the early 90’s when you burned your hair and used an entire can of hair spray in just a single morning.

The thing I love about the Babyliss is the barrel is made out of Tourmaline/Ceramic, not metal.  The heat is distributed and you don’t fry your hair.

The Babyliss is a bit more complex than the last curling iron I’d used also.  Previously my options were low, med, high!  There are 40 different settings that go up to 428 degrees F.  It’s great because the temperature control pops in and out, so there’s no accidental temperature change while you’re doing your hair.


Babyliss Pro

The Babyliss is fantastic for long lasting curls whether you want sexy lose curls, or a dramatic style.  It leaves your hair with an incredible shine without having to use a ton of product.

Doing my hair with the Babyliss is definitely a way to make me feel great about how I look, especially on those sleep-deprived days!


I received a Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron.  The opinion in this post is 100% my own.

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