Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I’ve been bundled up because it’s been chilly here in Florida. I know that it’s nothing compared to my friends and family up north. While I do miss cooler temperatures, and snow, I do not miss ice and snow driving, or frozen pipes.

I lived in Maine as a teen, and the day of my driver’s test, we had one of the worst storms in years. If I remember correctly , we got released early from school. But of course the DMV wasn’t closing early! A got a ride home from a friend’s brother. He was also giving a ride to a few other people. While driving everyone home, he hit a patch of ice and went into a snowbank.

I was having some serious anxiety as we pushed his car out of the snowbank. I didn’t have much experience with driving in the snow, much less conditions like we were experiencing on that day.

I drove, with my stepmom to the DMV. The plows had been out and plowed the roads, somewhat, but had left a large snow drift in the entrance to the department of motor vehicles. Of course, I get stuck in it, and could not get out. My Stepmom tried to talk me through it, but try as I might, we were stuck. We switched places and she drove us out and parked the car in a parking spot. As we approached the DMV, my tester emerged and yelled at her for “helping” me. He deemed it somehow dangerous… yet me unable to to move the car with the back end in the street was safer?

Luckily, due to the bad weather, there were very few cars on the road. Also, luckily there was a parking ban, so there were no actual cars for me to practice parallel parking with. (I wasn’t bad at parallel parking, but worried about hitting a stranger’s car, especially with the road conditions).

I was overjoyed when I didn’t get stuck in the snow drift on my way out with my tester in the car. I was hyper vigilant, and exercised caution throughout my entire test. I took my time, and luckily maneuvered perfectly. I was so thrilled when I passed.

That being said, I’m very happy that I don’t have to deal with those driving conditions here in Florida.

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